Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl Coming Back To Reality

Categories: Industry News
Posted: March 21, 2022

During the height of the pandemic the average selling price on disposable gloves had risen by nearly 500%.  The huge demand for these gloves, coupled with the reduced manufacturing capibility led to mass shortages and skyrocketing prices.  Early in 2022 prices are finally settling back down.  Supply is good and manufacturers are no longer limiting purchases.  Our last shipment just received was the lowest prices since early 2020.  As a result we have drastically lowered our prices to pass that savings onto our customers.  We expect these prices to settle here for a while, we do not expect them to go down further.  It is possible with rising costs in fuel and transportation that prices might actually go up later this year.  So now is a good time to stock up and Buy Now!